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Case Study: Insulated Water Bottle With Coffee Shop

SUNNY helps Korean customers with product color customization and color box design


Our client found us on our website when they needed to source insulated water bottles for sale in coffee shops. Their requirements were a summer-inspired cup color and a neutral premium packaging design.


After selecting the style of the insulated water bottle, the client requested that the original matte paint process of the bottle body be changed to a powder coating process, in order to improve the comfort of the client when gripping the bottle. However, since the customer did not have a clear idea about the custom color, our first pre-production proof was designed and proofed according to the customer’s desired effect.

After the customer received the first pre-production proof, they thought the bottle body powder coating feeling was not obvious and requested to change the one-time coating to two-times coating, and they provided modifications to the bottle color. Based on the customer’s comments, we made the second pre-production proof.

After receiving the second proof, the customer was very satisfied with the effect of two-times coating but still wanted to adjust the bottle color again, so we made the third pre-production proof.

The customer was finally very satisfied with the results of the third pre-production proofing.


By working with SUNNY to produce the thermos, our client was able to translate his design concept into a final, eye-catching water bottle that was sold in stores.

How We Did it

Customer first is our value in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirements for insulated water bottles customized design, we fulfill almost every customer requirement.

Deep communication with the customer.

One-stop service from design to packaging