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Thermal insulation cup production equipment

In the fast-paced modern life, thermos cups have become an indispensable drinking companion in people’s daily lives due to their portable and heat preservation characteristics. Whether in the office, on the go, or in outdoor activities, a good quality insulated cup can ensure that the temperature and taste of drinks are well maintained. However, advanced production equipment and technology are indispensable to produce both beautiful and practical insulation cups. This equipment not only improves the production efficiency and ensures the quality of products but also promotes the innovation and diversification of the design of insulation cups, let us through the following content together with a preliminary understanding of this production equipment.

Specialized equipment for the production of insulation cups mainly includes the following:

1. welding process equipment: used for insulation cup body welding. Welding is a crucial step in the production of insulation cups, which ensures the structural integrity and vacuum sealing of the cup body. Argon arc welding and laser welding are the two main welding methods. Argon arc welding is favored for its stable arc combustion, heat concentration, and high welding productivity, while laser welding is a highly efficient and precise welding method.

2. cutting and trimming equipment: used to cut and trim the edge of the insulation cup, remove excess material and burrs, and ensure that the cup’s mouth size is in line with the design specifications, to enhance the aesthetics of the product and the use of safety.

3. Expansion and stretching equipment: Expansion machine and water expansion machine are used to expand the stainless steel tube to form the outer shell or inner liner of the insulation cup. A stretching machine and stretching mold are used to stretch the material to produce the required shape and size of the cup body parts.

4. spin thinning and air shrinkage process equipment: spin thinning machine for the middle part of the cup body spinning thinning treatment, so that the wall thickness of thin, to reduce the weight and increase the capacity. A hollow shrinking machine will shrink the mouth of the workpiece after thinning.

5. vacuum equipment: by removing the air in the insulation cup sandwich, the formation of a vacuum state, significantly reduces heat conduction, because the vacuum does not transfer heat, which can greatly increase the insulation effect of the insulation cup. The vacuum adiabatic layer can reduce the expansion and contraction of the material caused by temperature changes, thus improving the durability and service life of the insulation cup.

6. surface treatment equipment: including polishing machine, spraying machine, etc., for the surface treatment of insulation cups to achieve a smooth and beautiful effect

In the production process of thermos cups, a variety of specialized equipment plays a vital role. From the laser tube cutting machine for precise cutting to the high-efficiency vacuum equipment to the welding and crimping machines for precise control, every step reflects the precision and efficiency of modern manufacturing. These devices not only improve production efficiency and ensure product quality but also reduce human error and production costs through automation. As a common item in daily life, every advancement in the production technology of insulation cups is directly related to the consumer’s experience. We look forward to the insulation cup manufacturing industry continuing to innovate and bring more high-quality products to the market, but also to improve people’s quality of life to contribute.